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Welcome to the Club Log expeditions homepage. On this page, a summary of all current and past expeditions hosted on Club Log is available to browse, and you can track the latest updates from current expeditions. Club Log is a free service developed by Michael G7VJR and Marios 5B4WN.

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Expedition Donations

Many expeditions seek donations to support their activities. Expeditions in Club Log can use our built-in donations facility to simplify this process. Donors are generally then offered free use of the Online QSL Request (OQRS) as a thank-you. List of expeditions requesting donations.

Latest/Current Expeditions

Last updated: Sun, 24 Feb 2019 02:19:38 +0000. Tip: Click on the table headings to sort by any heading (eg by date, by number of QSOs)

CallsignLocationCont.Last QSOQSOsUniquesOQRSTwitterDonate
T31EUCENTRAL KIRIBATIOC2019-02-23 22:4417,6616,717
V84SAABRUNEIOC2019-02-18 00:2958,12117,056V84SAA OQRS Enabled
P4/W1CQARUBASA2019-02-15 23:54443422P4/W1CQ OQRS Enabled
OH10XFINLANDEU2019-02-10 20:388,0904,851OH10X OQRS Enabled
Z68MREPUBLIC OF KOSOVOEU2019-02-04 11:5920,88811,188Z68M OQRS Enabled
E51DWC SOUTH COOK ISLANDSOC2019-02-02 03:4875,58825,045E51DWC OQRS Enabled
H33JPANAMANA2019-01-31 23:597,0324,112H33J OQRS Enabled@JA1HGY
PJ4PBONAIRESA2019-01-30 17:5922,75512,089PJ4P OQRS Enabled
Z66XREPUBLIC OF KOSOVOEU2019-01-27 21:569,3105,510Z66X OQRS Enabled
9LY1JMSIERRA LEONEAF2019-01-20 05:3250,37014,0149LY1JM OQRS Enabled@9LY1JM
OF9XFINLANDEU2018-12-31 21:5622,44413,906OF9X OQRS Enabled
Z66DHREPUBLIC OF KOSOVOEU2018-12-20 20:1618,7177,659Z66DH OQRS Enabled@DK6SP
Z68HZREPUBLIC OF KOSOVOEU2018-12-01 14:153,7292,986
XV9DVIET NAMAS2018-12-01 03:343,7152,461
J8NYSAINT VINCENTNA2018-11-28 05:5714,6528,020J8NY OQRS Enabled
A35EUTONGAOC2018-11-26 23:5916,8557,214A35EU OQRS Enabled
PJ8RVSINT MAARTENNA2018-11-24 12:542,2261,719PJ8RV OQRS Enabled@JA1HGY
EP6RRCIRANAS2018-11-23 22:3326,27810,426EP6RRC OQRS Enabled
A52BHBHUTANAS2018-11-04 19:385,4863,859A52BH OQRS Enabled
YJ0GCVANUATUOC2018-11-03 18:0723,4489,518YJ0GC OQRS Enabled
XT2SZZBURKINA FASOAF2018-10-30 09:3815,1938,426XT2SZZ OQRS Enabled
VK9XGCHRISTMAS ISLANDOC2018-10-29 08:4825,63310,240VK9XG OQRS Enabled
ZD9CWTRISTAN DA CUNHA & GOUGH ISLANDSAF2018-10-21 10:2913,5266,773ZD9CW OQRS Enabled
E6YNIUEOC2018-10-15 23:5915,3656,117E6Y OQRS Enabled
5W0GCSAMOAOC2018-10-13 12:5914,0946,5475W0GC OQRS Enabled
TT8KOCHADAF2018-10-10 17:442,1351,681
H88XPANAMANA2018-10-08 21:479,6306,658H88X OQRS Enabled
VK9XTCHRISTMAS ISLANDOC2018-10-05 23:3716,2517,014
TO6OKMAYOTTEAF2018-10-05 20:5947,69613,755TO6OK OQRS Enabled
3W9JK/PVIET NAMAS2018-09-26 23:543833583W9JK/P OQRS Enabled
3W9JKVIET NAMAS2018-09-21 22:456695903W9JK OQRS Enabled
OJ0CMARKET REEFEU2018-08-25 01:1820,26011,485OJ0C OQRS Enabled
XZ2AMYANMARAS2018-08-12 14:002,4652,140XZ2A OQRS Enabled
3B8/OK2ZIMAURITIUS ISLANDAF2018-08-04 06:003,7872,6063B8/OK2ZI OQRS Enabled
KH1/KH7ZBAKER HOWLAND ISLANDSOC2018-07-05 11:5868,98718,093KH1/KH7Z OQRS Enabled
OJ0YMARKET REEFEU2018-06-28 14:225,5903,330OJ0Y OQRS Enabled
H44XGSOLOMON ISLANDSOC2018-06-26 07:161,8681,033H44XG OQRS Enabled
TE6DXCOSTA RICANA2018-06-10 04:562,4911,924TE6DX OQRS Enabled
S9ZZSAO TOME & PRINCIPEAF2018-06-08 23:396,4403,523
PJ8ZSINT MAARTENNA2018-05-27 11:54656539PJ8Z OQRS Enabled
FS/KH8ZSAINT MARTINNA2018-05-26 21:531,9941,680FS/KH8Z OQRS Enabled
VK9LILORD HOWE ISLANDOC2018-05-17 22:582,2281,382VK9LI OQRS Enabled@vk2ca
3D2EUFIJI ISLANDSOC2018-05-13 17:3630,14212,1843D2EU OQRS Enabled
C8TMOZAMBIQUEAF2018-05-13 13:2017,7637,486C8T OQRS Enabled
C98RRCMOZAMBIQUEAF2018-05-09 10:419,5415,416C98RRC OQRS Enabled
C96RRCMOZAMBIQUEAF2018-05-04 04:1110,2625,954C96RRC OQRS Enabled
Z66DREPUBLIC OF KOSOVOEU2018-04-21 22:4826,33512,067Z66D OQRS Enabled
3B7AAGALEGA & ST BRANDON ISLANDSAF2018-04-17 17:2471,12518,1703B7A OQRS Enabled
FK/5B4ALXNEW CALEDONIAOC2018-04-03 05:193,0621,747FK/5B4ALX OQRS Enabled
7Q7EIMALAWIAF2018-04-02 16:2837,08012,956
3B8XFMAURITIUS ISLANDAF2018-03-24 21:4014,0377,6813B8XF OQRS Enabled
VP2EGOANGUILLANA2018-03-24 11:524,5553,060
3C0WANNOBONAF2018-03-24 04:0354,26718,8123C0W OQRS Enabled
TY7CBENINAF2018-03-18 11:3139,94913,672TY7C OQRS Enabled
XR0YD EASTER ISLANDSA2018-03-15 13:0246,40916,706XR0YD OQRS Enabled
9Y4/LY2IJTRINIDAD & TOBAGOSA2018-03-13 06:244,1562,9639Y4/LY2IJ OQRS Enabled
9Y4/UA4CCTRINIDAD & TOBAGOSA2018-03-13 02:245,4533,4079Y4/UA4CC OQRS Enabled
9M0WSPRATLY ISLANDSAS2018-03-12 19:3923,4689,5349M0W OQRS Enabled
3C3WEQUATORIAL GUINEAAF2018-03-09 06:0030,32312,6093C3W OQRS Enabled
H72DXNICARAGUANA2018-03-06 10:5411,0696,673H72DX OQRS Enabled
VU4GANDAMAN & NICOBAR ISLANDSAS2018-03-04 17:547,7364,519VU4G OQRS Enabled

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