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Welcome to the Club Log expeditions homepage. On this page, a summary of all current and past expeditions hosted on Club Log is available to browse, and you can track the latest updates from current expeditions. Club Log is a free service developed by Michael G7VJR and Marios 5B4WN.

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Expedition Donations

New feature - October 2015

Many expeditions seek donations to support their activities. Expeditions in Club Log can use our built-in donations facility to simplify this process. Donors are generally then offered free use of the Online QSL Request (OQRS) as a thank-you. List of expeditions requesting donations.

Latest/Current Expeditions

Last updated: Mon, 11 Dec 2017 07:23:52 +0000. Tip: Click on the table headings to sort by any heading (eg by date, by number of QSOs)

CallsignLocationCont.Last QSOQSOsUniquesOQRSTwitterDonate
5T1AMAURITANIAAF2017-12-11 00:074,1903,2525T1A OQRS Enabled@A92AA_BH
OJ9XFINLANDEU2017-12-10 22:4913,8908,093OJ9X OQRS Enabled
5T1RMAURITANIAAF2017-12-10 09:264,5983,5255T1R OQRS Enabled@A92AA_BH
ZA1WWALBANIAEU2017-12-04 05:3413,9718,352ZA1WW OQRS Enabled
TO2SP SAINT BARTHELEMY2017-12-01 21:1163,00222,773TO2SP OQRS Enabled
5K1BCOLOMBIASA2017-11-28 11:315,7973,9145K1B OQRS Enabled
TO5WMARTINIQUENA2017-11-28 04:035,9003,797TO5W OQRS Enabled
5K0TSAN ANDRES ISLANDNA2017-11-25 21:4911,4807,3765K0T OQRS Enabled
DU1/SP5APWPHILIPPINESOC2017-11-23 23:041,6391,445DU1/SP5APW OQRS Enabled
9U4MBURUNDIAF2017-11-16 23:1055,06417,5909U4M OQRS Enabled
VK9MAMELLISH REEFOC2017-11-15 20:0745,01114,049VK9MA OQRS Enabled
3C1LEQUATORIAL GUINEAAF2017-11-12 05:0143,61314,7923C1L OQRS Enabled
VK9CZCOCOS (KEELING) ISLANDOC2017-11-06 23:3021,6389,195VK9CZ OQRS Enabled
A5ABHUTANAS2017-11-03 00:3619,5939,763A5A OQRS Enabled
3C0LANNOBONAF2017-10-25 05:3032,44711,7633C0L OQRS Enabled
S9CQSAO TOME & PRINCIPEAF2017-10-21 11:383,9242,368S9CQ OQRS Enabled
ZD7BRSAINT HELENAAF2017-10-21 09:012,1261,649
VU7T LAKSHADWEEP ISLANDSAS2017-10-19 21:3618,0057,923VU7T OQRS Enabled
VK9CICOCOS (KEELING) ISLANDOC2017-10-17 04:238,0253,917
VK9XICHRISTMAS ISLANDOC2017-10-16 13:488,4304,655
S9YYSAO TOME & PRINCIPEAF2017-10-12 13:4318,3709,211S9YY OQRS Enabled
AT7MINDIAAS2017-10-02 01:302,5711,891AT7M OQRS Enabled
HZ87NDSAUDI ARABIAAS2017-10-01 21:4815,9759,448
5T5OKMAURITANIAAF2017-09-28 20:5243,30113,4525T5OK OQRS Enabled
VP6EUPITCAIRN ISLANDOC2017-09-28 11:4639,06214,198VP6EU OQRS Enabled
MU/ON4ANNGUERNSEYEU2017-09-24 09:407,2225,042
HD8MGALAPAGOS ISLANDSSA2017-09-20 19:584,7362,639HD8M OQRS Enabled
SX9VKCRETEEU2017-07-08 22:1910,4906,376SX9VK OQRS Enabled
B7CRACHINAAS2017-07-02 18:2613,0065,556B7CRA OQRS Enabled
TE8DXCOSTA RICANA2017-06-12 13:566,3724,510TE8DX OQRS Enabled
E51DWC SOUTH COOK ISLANDSOC2017-06-08 18:2567,67623,455E51DWC OQRS Enabled
PJ5/PH2M SABA & ST EUSTATIUSNA2017-06-04 12:581,106918PJ5/PH2M OQRS Enabled
TN5EREPUBLIC OF THE CONGOAF2017-06-04 06:2812,2875,971
E31AERITREAAF2017-05-29 12:0536,48413,027
PJ6/PH2M SABA & ST EUSTATIUSNA2017-05-29 02:381,039889PJ6/PH2M OQRS Enabled
PJ7/PH2M SINT MAARTENNA2017-05-24 11:181,113973PJ7/PH2M OQRS Enabled
EG9TORCEUTA & MELILLAAF2017-05-20 09:587,3434,074EG9TOR OQRS Enabled
DU9/SP5APWPHILIPPINESOC2017-05-16 21:19787640DU9/SP5APW OQRS Enabled
A25UKBOTSWANAAF2017-05-06 03:5744,43814,454
5V7PTOGOAF2017-04-29 10:3616,1726,9145V7P OQRS Enabled
YJ0YMVANUATUOC2017-04-23 18:512,3301,592
S79ZSEYCHELLES ISLANDSAF2017-04-19 18:3817,9078,099S79Z OQRS Enabled
J5WGUINEA-BISSAUAF2017-04-15 12:4911,0256,603J5W OQRS Enabled
J5BGUINEA-BISSAUAF2017-04-15 12:008,5034,490J5B OQRS Enabled
AH2PGUAMOC2017-04-11 01:414,2672,719AH2P OQRS Enabled
P29VXGPAPUA NEW GUINEAOC2017-04-10 03:122,5301,492P29VXG OQRS Enabled
S21ZEEBANGLADESHAS2017-03-26 17:5929,98811,325S21ZEE OQRS Enabled
9N7EINEPALAS2017-03-22 07:3930,42412,032
9G5X GHANAAF2017-03-21 09:4829,35811,448
3B8/G3TXFMAURITIUS ISLANDAF2017-03-21 05:0710,8296,9193B8/G3TXF OQRS Enabled
S21ZEDBANGLADESHAS2017-03-19 17:5921,9438,474S21ZED OQRS Enabled
TU7CCOTE D'IVOIREAF2017-03-19 14:0054,42218,134TU7C OQRS Enabled@TU7C1
C6APYBAHAMASNA2017-03-10 22:169,0726,110
TX5TAUSTRAL ISLANDSOC2017-03-03 15:2623,5289,033
XX9D MACAOAS2017-02-26 23:3844,68912,537XX9D OQRS Enabled
ZC4AUK BASES ON CYPRUSAS2017-02-07 12:2510,3995,518
E51AMFNORTH COOK ISLANDSOC2017-02-07 00:5910,9824,227E51AMF OQRS Enabled
ZC4ZMUK BASES ON CYPRUSAS2017-02-03 09:282,4061,891
TU5MHCOTE D'IVOIREAF2017-02-02 09:0232,32312,582TU5MH OQRS Enabled
H74BNICARAGUANA2017-01-06 15:354,9333,689H74B OQRS Enabled
H74WNICARAGUANA2017-01-06 14:412,8442,228H74W OQRS Enabled
ZF2WECAYMAN ISLANDSNA2016-12-31 01:147,7114,800ZF2WE OQRS Enabled

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