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Welcome to the Club Log expeditions homepage. On this page, a summary of all current and past expeditions hosted on Club Log is available to browse, and you can track the latest updates from current expeditions. Club Log is a free service developed by Michael G7VJR and Marios 5B4WN.

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Last updated: Fri, 31 Oct 2014 08:41:15 +0000

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CallsignLocationCont.Last QSO# QSOsUniquesRSSOQRSTwitter
VK9XSP CHRISTMAS ISLANDOC2014-10-31 06:4652,10417,501VK9XSP RSS FeedVK9XSP OQRS Enabled
GJ8DXJERSEYEU2014-10-30 18:302,9462,420GJ8DX RSS FeedGJ8DX OQRS Enabled@jackg8dx
XX9RMACAOAS2014-10-30 00:525,2873,273XX9R RSS Feed
T88HZPALAUOC2014-10-29 23:373,5572,957T88HZ RSS Feed
FW5JJWALLIS & FUTUNA ISLANDSOC2014-10-29 22:4132,08515,359FW5JJ RSS FeedFW5JJ OQRS Enabled
VK9DLX LORD HOWE ISLANDOC2014-10-28 19:48110,27627,224VK9DLX RSS Feed
4W/K7CO TIMOR-LESTEOC2014-10-27 15:0710,3805,8424W/K7CO RSS Feed4W/K7CO OQRS Enabled
RI1ANCANTARCTICAAN2014-10-26 19:1648,23623,327RI1ANC RSS Feed
HZ1FISAUDI ARABIAAS2014-10-26 18:5021,37012,629HZ1FI RSS Feed
TX7GMARQUESAS ISLANDSOC2014-10-26 04:1727,22811,666TX7G RSS FeedTX7G OQRS Enabled
TX5ZAUSTRAL ISLANDSOC2014-10-20 17:237,1094,222TX5Z RSS FeedTX5Z OQRS Enabled
4W/G3ZEMTIMOR-LESTEOC2014-10-20 00:5215,1787,4914W/G3ZEM RSS Feed
2SZENGLANDEU2014-10-18 18:0013,2309,7352SZ RSS Feed
T30DWESTERN KIRIBATIOC2014-10-15 13:0269,02020,470T30D RSS FeedT30D OQRS Enabled
C21GCNAURUOC2014-10-14 16:0523,43010,501C21GC RSS FeedC21GC OQRS Enabled
YJ0X VANUATUOC2014-10-13 23:5915,8547,820YJ0X RSS FeedYJ0X OQRS Enabled
VP5/G3SWHTURKS & CAICOS ISLANDSNA2014-10-09 12:2412,2946,704VP5/G3SWH RSS Feed
YB4IR/8_OC076 INDONESIAOC2014-10-08 21:022,8302,059YB4IR/8_OC076 RSS FeedYB4IR/8_OC076 OQRS Enabled
SV5/G0TSM DODECANESEEU2014-10-06 20:507,5615,419SV5/G0TSM RSS FeedSV5/G0TSM OQRS Enabled@g0tsm
8R1AE GUYANASA2014-10-06 00:424,4032,7828R1AE RSS Feed8R1AE OQRS Enabled@JA1HGY
PJ5/OL8R SABA & ST EUSTATIUSSA2014-10-03 15:3425,25612,146PJ5/OL8R RSS FeedPJ5/OL8R OQRS Enabled
VK9ANCHRISTMAS ISLANDOC2014-10-02 04:0812,8026,573VK9AN RSS FeedVK9AN OQRS Enabled
ZD9XF TRISTAN DA CUNHA & GOUGH ISLANDSAF2014-10-02 03:3925,69912,169ZD9XF RSS FeedZD9XF OQRS Enabled
OJ0AMMARKET REEFEU2014-09-28 08:4911,9180OJ0AM RSS FeedOJ0AM OQRS Enabled
PZ5AA SURINAMESA2014-09-24 23:391,9331,476PZ5AA RSS FeedPZ5AA OQRS Enabled@JA1HGY
PJ7RV SINT MAARTENNA2014-09-24 02:354,5022,775PJ7RV RSS FeedPJ7RV OQRS Enabled@JA1HGY
E30FBERITREAAF2014-09-22 15:144,4843,272E30FB RSS FeedE30FB OQRS Enabled
VK9NT NORFOLK ISLANDOC2014-09-21 22:4011,3226,390VK9NT RSS FeedVK9NT OQRS Enabled@vk2ca
YW5RYLVENEZUELASA2014-09-21 17:235,1353,631YW5RYL RSS Feed@yv5of

Complete expeditions list available here