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Welcome to the Club Log expeditions homepage. On this page, a summary of all current and past expeditions hosted on Club Log is available to browse, and you can track the latest updates from current expeditions. Club Log is a free service developed by Michael G7VJR and Marios 5B4WN.

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Last updated: Wed, 23 Jul 2014 01:15:15 +0000

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CallsignLocationCont.Last QSO# QSOsUniquesRSSOQRSTwitter
SV5/G0TSMDODECANESEEU2014-07-08 09:436,0184,406SV5/G0TSM RSS FeedSV5/G0TSM OQRS Enabled@g0tsm
RI1ANCANTARCTICAAN2014-06-30 05:3241,98920,671RI1ANC RSS Feed
J68HZ SAINT LUCIANA2014-06-29 04:048,7596,211J68HZ RSS Feed
FS/K9EL SAINT MARTINNA2014-06-27 19:3532,14315,802FS/K9EL RSS FeedFS/K9EL OQRS Enabled
7QNLMALAWIAF2014-06-08 18:126,7563,7767QNL RSS Feed7QNL OQRS Enabled@pa1aw
FW5JJWALLIS & FUTUNA ISLANDSOC2014-06-01 19:0231,04114,984FW5JJ RSS FeedFW5JJ OQRS Enabled
HR5/F2JDHONDURASNA2014-05-27 23:1522,03812,617HR5/F2JD RSS Feed
XW0YJYLAOSAS2014-05-27 01:2029,75114,905XW0YJY RSS FeedXW0YJY OQRS Enabled@SomChamp
YB4IR/5_OC109 INDONESIAOC2014-05-24 20:105,6833,462YB4IR/5_OC109 RSS FeedYB4IR/5_OC109 OQRS Enabled
YB4IR/5_OC107 INDONESIAOC2014-05-15 19:423,5392,472YB4IR/5_OC107 RSS FeedYB4IR/5_OC107 OQRS Enabled
V650XG MICRONESIAOC2014-05-14 21:104,5742,800V650XG RSS FeedV650XG OQRS Enabled
JD1YBT OGASAWARAAS2014-05-11 22:3912,6416,722JD1YBT RSS FeedJD1YBT OQRS Enabled
PJ5/K6NAO SABA & ST EUSTATIUSSA2014-05-10 23:009,0785,117PJ5/K6NAO RSS FeedPJ5/K6NAO OQRS Enabled
PJ7RV SINT MAARTENNA2014-05-05 10:344,5012,774PJ7RV RSS FeedPJ7RV OQRS Enabled
JD1BLYOGASAWARAAS2014-05-05 02:2667,88024,440JD1BLY RSS Feed@JD1BLY
KH8/PA3EWPAMERICAN SAMOAOC2014-04-22 05:093,8052,394KH8/PA3EWP RSS FeedKH8/PA3EWP OQRS Enabled
KH8/DL2AWGAMERICAN SAMOAOC2014-04-22 04:448,5145,602KH8/DL2AWG RSS FeedKH8/DL2AWG OQRS Enabled
KH8/DL6JGNAMERICAN SAMOAOC2014-04-22 03:3411,4196,705KH8/DL6JGN RSS FeedKH8/DL6JGN OQRS Enabled
PJ4H BONAIRESA2014-04-19 05:2312,3117,153PJ4H RSS Feed
A35XTONGAOC2014-04-17 18:5917,2889,041A35X RSS Feed
A35VTONGAOC2014-04-17 18:4112,1546,527A35V RSS Feed
5J0XSAN ANDRES ISLANDNA2014-04-14 13:0914,5588,4125J0X RSS Feed
J52HFGUINEA-BISSAUAF2014-04-10 16:4720,47911,758J52HF RSS FeedJ52HF OQRS Enabled
OD5NJ/PLEBANONAS2014-04-05 14:414,0873,006OD5NJ/P RSS FeedOD5NJ/P OQRS Enabled
VK9MTMELLISH REEFOC2014-04-04 13:5340,11412,831VK9MT RSS Feed
TX6G AUSTRAL ISLANDSOC2014-04-02 00:0776,85922,994TX6G RSS FeedTX6G OQRS Enabled
HP2/I5OYYPANAMANA2014-04-01 19:411,065929HP2/I5OYY RSS FeedHP2/I5OYY OQRS Enabled
HP2/IK5RUNPANAMANA2014-04-01 17:551,1791,009HP2/IK5RUN RSS FeedHP2/IK5RUN OQRS Enabled
ZL7AAACHATHAM ISLANDOC2014-03-31 17:1921,85110,608ZL7AAA RSS FeedZL7AAA OQRS Enabled
J8/UA4CC SAINT VINCENTNA2014-03-27 05:199,2695,881J8/UA4CC RSS FeedJ8/UA4CC OQRS Enabled

Complete expeditions list available here