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DXpedition Logs Hosted on Club Log

Welcome to the Club Log expeditions homepage. On this page, a summary of all current and past expeditions hosted on Club Log is available to browse, and you can track the latest updates from current expeditions. Club Log is a free service developed by Michael G7VJR and Marios 5B4WN.

Expedition Donations

New feature - October 2015

Many expeditions seek donations to support their activities. Expeditions in Club Log can use our built-in donations facility to simplify this process. Donors are generally then offered free use of the Online QSL Request (OQRS) as a thank-you. List of expeditions requesting donations.

Latest/Current Expeditions

Last updated: Sun, 28 Aug 2016 17:03:14 +0000. Tip: Click on the table headings to sort by any heading (eg by date, by number of QSOs)

CallsignLocationCont.Last QSOQSOsUniquesOQRSTwitterDonate
VP6JPITCAIRN ISLANDOC2016-08-28 09:453,2912,080
J68HZSAINT LUCIANA2016-08-28 05:3721,89410,732
CY9CSAINT PAUL ISLANDNA2016-08-27 12:0856,68019,253CY9C OQRS Enabled
5H1XXTANZANIAAF2016-08-22 09:334,1552,769
OJ0DXMARKET REEFEU2016-08-19 18:3536,92416,027OJ0DX OQRS Enabled
FW5JJWALLIS & FUTUNA ISLANDSOC2016-08-18 16:2973,60626,261FW5JJ OQRS Enabled
OJ0BMARKET REEFEU2016-07-30 04:3510,4667,656OJ0B OQRS Enabled
VK100ANZACAUSTRALIAOC2016-07-20 13:425,9123,744
HB0/RC3CLIECHTENSTEINEU2016-07-13 20:002,2432,024@rv3dhc
XW1ICLAOSAS2016-07-11 14:5963,85828,010XW1IC OQRS Enabled@SomChamp
S79VSEYCHELLES ISLANDSAF2016-07-10 13:4820,1277,618
HR5/F2JDHONDURASNA2016-07-10 06:1332,61817,487
FS/K9ELSAINT MARTINNA2016-06-24 04:0046,14020,451FS/K9EL OQRS Enabled
4A1DXMEXICONA2016-06-12 23:267,7975,859
XR0YSEASTER ISLANDSA2016-06-08 04:1513,1617,039XR0YS OQRS Enabled
FM/DL7VOG MARTINIQUENA2016-06-06 00:0111,9276,869FM/DL7VOG OQRS Enabled
HZ1FISAUDI ARABIAAS2016-06-05 13:4535,70717,968
VK9NTNORFOLK ISLANDOC2016-05-30 23:476,1063,385VK9NT OQRS Enabled@vk2ca
J68GUSAINT LUCIANA2016-05-22 11:425,2893,574J68GU OQRS Enabled
MT0IXDISLE OF MANEU2016-05-18 23:223,8102,578
E44QXPALESTINEAS2016-05-15 03:1717,5357,595E44QX OQRS Enabled
9M0ZSPRATLY ISLANDSAS2016-05-14 10:0410,7295,3939M0Z OQRS Enabled
TX7EUOC2016-05-09 09:4432,27812,936TX7EU OQRS Enabled
JD1BLYOGASAWARAAS2016-05-06 21:5777,10527,117@JD1BLY
T88RFPALAUOC2016-05-05 11:443,0842,010T88RF OQRS Enabled
A91HIBAHRAINAS2016-05-01 09:0023,1039,518A91HI OQRS Enabled
MJ0KUCJERSEYEU2016-04-30 08:5116,0999,128MJ0KUC OQRS Enabled
ET7LETHIOPIAAF2016-04-30 03:5945,53914,584ET7L OQRS Enabled
EP2AIRANAS2016-04-26 09:4568,22022,741EP2A OQRS Enabled
A25UK BOTSWANAAF2016-04-19 00:1820,1328,494A25UK OQRS Enabled

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