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DXpedition Logs Hosted on Club Log

Welcome to the Club Log expeditions homepage. On this page, a summary of all current and past expeditions hosted on Club Log is available to browse, and you can track the latest updates from current expeditions. Club Log is a free service developed by Michael G7VJR and Marios 5B4WN.

Expedition Donations

New feature - October 2015

Many expeditions seek donations to support their activities. Expeditions in Club Log can use our built-in donations facility to simplify this process. Donors are generally then offered free use of the Online QSL Request (OQRS) as a thank-you. List of expeditions requesting donations.

Latest/Current Expeditions

Last updated: Sun, 01 May 2016 18:04:09 +0000. Tip: Click on the table headings to sort by any heading (eg by date, by number of QSOs)

CallsignLocationCont.Last QSOQSOsUniquesOQRSTwitterDonate
JD1BLYOGASAWARAAS2016-05-01 15:4173,28926,140@JD1BLY
A91HIBAHRAINAS2016-05-01 09:0023,0579,502A91HI OQRS Enabled
HR5/F2JDHONDURASNA2016-05-01 00:0828,46015,879
MJ0KUCJERSEYEU2016-04-30 08:5116,0949,136MJ0KUC OQRS Enabled
ET7LETHIOPIAAF2016-04-30 03:5945,53714,584ET7L OQRS Enabled
4A1DXMEXICONA2016-04-30 03:076,8885,210
EP2AIRANAS2016-04-26 09:4568,22722,956EP2A OQRS Enabled
HZ1FISAUDI ARABIAAS2016-04-24 16:2633,63217,425
FW5JJ WALLIS & FUTUNA ISLANDSOC2016-04-21 22:4769,60425,271FW5JJ OQRS Enabled
A25UK BOTSWANAAF2016-04-19 00:1820,1128,489A25UK OQRS Enabled
XU7AKCCAMBODIAAS2016-04-18 23:171,5251,245XU7AKC OQRS Enabled
5V7DTOGOAF2016-04-11 03:2219,63910,610
VK0EKHEARD ISLANDAN2016-04-11 00:2775,17321,037
FT4JA JUAN DE NOVA, EUROPAAF2016-04-10 20:57105,59425,043FT4JA OQRS Enabled
PJ4MBONAIRESA2016-04-05 17:348,7736,228PJ4M OQRS Enabled
XW1IC LAOSAS2016-03-29 01:3560,66327,440XW1IC OQRS Enabled@SomChamp
YB4IR/3_OC-197INDONESIAOC2016-03-28 17:352,2841,819YB4IR/3_OC-197 OQRS Enabled
VK9CKCOCOS (KEELING) ISLANDOC2016-03-25 09:5623,7809,095VK9CK OQRS Enabled@DipperDX
GD4SKAISLE OF MANEU2016-03-24 19:553,1142,114
FH/F2DXMAYOTTEAF2016-03-23 17:055,5903,450FH/F2DX OQRS Enabled
FH/F6BEEMAYOTTEAF2016-03-23 17:005,1693,339FH/F6BEE OQRS Enabled
S9BKSAO TOME & PRINCIPEAF2016-03-23 15:115,1663,546
5J0P SAN ANDRES ISLANDNA2016-03-21 05:4361,86720,7715J0P OQRS Enabled
GD0AISLE OF MANEU2016-03-20 16:09450398
4S7GWGSRI LANKAAS2016-03-18 07:1013,1276,2904S7GWG OQRS Enabled
4S7RTGSRI LANKAAS2016-03-18 07:0312,8845,8954S7RTG OQRS Enabled
J79XFDOMINICANA2016-03-16 01:364,0002,790J79XF OQRS Enabled
TX7EUMARQUESAS ISLANDSOC2016-03-15 14:3332,25512,921TX7EU OQRS Enabled
3DA0IJSWAZILANDAF2016-03-13 04:113,9483,0003DA0IJ OQRS Enabled
3DA0CCSWAZILANDAF2016-03-13 00:133,2292,1433DA0CC OQRS Enabled

Complete expeditions list available here