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Club DX League

The league below is based on confirmed QSOs, and uses club memberships configured by Club Log users. The data should be interpretted with care if the number of members in a club is much less than the full membership expected.

Clubs having fewer than 15 members are not included, and only callsigns that have had QSOs within the last 12 months are considered to be active. Updated once every 7 days. Last updated: Mon, 01 Sep 2014 19:49:21 +0000.

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PositionClub NameCallsigns*Years QRVDXCCs
1CDXA - Carolina DX Association4335303
2KCDX - Kansas City DX Club2529299
3LADXG - LA-DX Group3025299
4SFDXA - South Florida DX Association2036297
5FRC - Frankford Radio Club3827292
6UK CW Table1526292
7MHDXA - Mile High DX Association2230287
8SPDXC - SP DX Club5823287
9NIDXA - Northern Illinois DX Association2530286
10CTDXCC - Central Texas DX and Contest Club1826286
11TCDXA - Twin City DX Association3530285
12CADXA - Central Arizona DX Association3627284
13TDXS - Texas DX Society2026284
14FOC - First Class CW Operators' Club9028282
15WVDXA - West Virginia DX Association3226277
16CWOps - The CW Operators' Club16425275
17LSDXA - Lone Star DX Association3827272
18GMCC - Grand Mesa Contesters of Colorado2227272
19ACG - Alabama Contest Group2124272
20MRASZ - Hungarian Radio Amateur Society1823270
21UARL - Ukrainian Amateur Radio League4815270
22Orca DX and Contest Club 1727270
23SDXA - Spokane DX Association1624270
24PVRC - Potomac Valley Radio Club4822268
25SMC - Society of Midwest Contesters5521264
26BCC - Bavarian Contest Club8520263
27NJDXA - North Jersey DX Association1821263
28SCDXC - Southern California DX Club4826262
29SEDXC - Southeastern DX Club6625260
30GDXF - German DX Foundation12519258
31MWA - Minnesota Wireless Association3027258
32LACC - LA Contest Club1619258
33FCG - Florida Contest Group3425251
34MDXC - Mediterraneo DX Club10013251
35AOCC - Arizona Outlaws Contest Club2924250
36MetroDXC - Metro DX Club2623249
37CDXC - Chiltern DX Club32221246
38SDDXC - San Diego DX Club1819246
39MLDXCC - Mother Lode DX and Contest Club3328244
40CARS - Cyprus Amateur Radio Society1514239
41CDXC - Clipperton DX Club12215239
42EUDXF - European DX Foundation6418237
43WWYC - World Wide Young Contesters4511235
44REDXA - Redwood Empire DX Association2721234
45URE - Union de Radioaficionados Espańoles16014233
46REP - Rede dos Emissores Portugueses5315233
47GMDX - Scotland's DX Association8818232
48USKA - Swiss Amateur Radio Society4218232
49DXIC - DXITALIA Club1513230
50RCV - Radio Club Venezolano3314229
51SSA - Föreningen Sveriges Sändareamatörer6819228
52NCDXC - Northern California DX Club6620225
53ARRL - American Radio Relay League123018224
54ARI - Associazione Radioamatori Italiani38713224
55KiwiDX - New Zealand3913224
56JARL - Japan Amateur Radio League19621219
57ODXG - Oceania DX Group1813219
58PMTDX - Purple Mug Team DX Group169218
59YCCC - Yankee Clipper Contest Club2616217
60UDXA - Utah DX Association4217215
61NCCC - Northern California Contest Club7819215
62RRDXA - Rhein Ruhr DX Association9815213
63WVDXC - Williamette Valley DX Club1518209
64ADXG - Araucaria DX Group6913209
65SDARS - Stirling District Amateur Radio Society1515208
66BDXG - Bittern DX Group1715207
67UBA - Belgian Amateur Radio Society10513206
68RDG - Rio DX Group4414205
69YBDXC - YB Land DX Club309204
70DDXG - Danish DX Group3115203
71IRTS - Irish Radio Transmitters Society2710201
72BARTG - British Amateur Radio Teledata Group10015199
7330M Digi Group41814199
74SKCC - Straight Key Century Club20015197
75DARC - Deutscher Amateur Radio Club41015196
76RSGB - Radio Society of Great Britain45616194
77FISTS - FISTS CW Club12516194
78UKSMG - UK Six Metre Group5218192
79AMSAT - Amateur Radio Satellite Association8717190
80LUCG - LU Contest Group2011186
81HRD - Ham Radio Deals Forum7610178
82QRP ARCI - QRP Amateur Radio Club International2919177
83DigitalRadio Club7012176
84NDG - Natal Digital Group9811176
85EPC - European PSK Club60412176
86G-QRP Club8415161
87CPSARC - Cockenzie and Port Seton Amateur Radio Club1811161
88NARC - Norfolk Amateur Radio Club3611160
89ARMI - (Associazione Radioamatori Marinai Italiani, Italian Sailors Amateur Radio Association)219152
90LABRE - Liga de Amadores Brasileiros de rádio emissăo634101
91RSARS - Royal Signals Amateur Radio Society2011101

* For the purposes of this table, the count of callsigns is for those that are active in the leagues (ie. not hidden). This prevents historical/expedition callsigns from influencing the results, and allows members to opt-out of the calculation if they wish.